Inside the £5million Thames-side mansion where Rolf Harris died

Inside the house where Rolf Harris died: How paedophile passed away at £5million Thames-side mansion where he hid from the world following fall from grace

  • The disgraced TV star lived in his Berkshire mansion for more than six decades
  • Thousands were spent renovating home in 2016 before his return from prison

Rolf Harris has passed away at the age of 93 inside his £5million riverside mansion where he spent his final days hiding from the world after being convicted as a paedophile.

The disgraced TV star had been ‘very sick’ since leaving prison six years ago and lived as a near-recluse in his £5million Thames-side property in Bray, Berkshire.

Harris spent his time looking after his wife of 65 years Alwen Hughes, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, only leaving the house for frequent trips to the local doctors to pick up medication for his diabetes.

The Australian-born presenter’s home was designed in line with his childhood house on the banks of the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.

Harris had a river at the bottom of his garden where he learned to swim and by the age of 15 he was the junior backstroke champion of the whole of Australia. 

Rolf Harris passed away inside his £5million mansion in Bray, Berkshire (pictured)

Harris poses for a photo in 1995 alongside his cat in front of black leather furniture in his living room

He also often spoke about how his parents encouraged his love of art and music during his upbringing.

Judging by the interior pictures of his Berkshire home, you can see his love of art with a number of extravagant paintings on his walls. 

He also dotted a number of intriguing ornaments on the grounds of the property, including a horsehead in his front drive.

His back garden was entirely inspired by his childhood, with Harris admitting that he introduced elements of the garden he knew as a boy in Perth to his home.  

Back in 2017 the neighbours of the convicted paedophile were reported as putting up their multimillion pound riverside homes for sale after he returned home from prison. 

This came after the area’s former mayor said he did not think the former presenter would be welcome. 

A total of three multi-million pound properties were put up for sale, with one property – a large waterfront home with five bedrooms – being listed for £2.75million.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: ‘The owners are in their 40s and have a family, so there’s no surprise in the community that they have decided to sell up and move.

‘Rolf isn’t seen out and about a lot, but for parents his dubious past is enough of a reason for them to want to leave.’

Harris and his wife Alwen Hughes, who he married in 1958, pose for a photo inside their living room where you can see some extravagant art in the background 

Their riverside home boasts a picturesque garden area overlooking the river 

Harris said he introduced elements of the garden he knew as a boy, growing up on the banks of the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia

The garden also features a number of eye-catching decoratoins

The front of the disgraced entertainer’s home features a horse head on the roof of his front driveway

Harris is reported to have lived in this Berkshire mansion for more than six decades

In 2016, thousands of pounds were spent renovating the home in time for Harris’ return from prison

Harris is said to have spent his last days in his Bray home after he was convicted as a paedophile

Harris pictured feeding the swans at his Berkshire home after it flooded due to torrential rain

Harris and his wife dangle their legs over the edge of the wall and pose for a picture next to their cat

The two other properties that went up for sale were priced at £8million and £2.5million. 

A year prior to that, Harris’ riverside home was pictured receiving a makeover from builders as thousands of pounds were spent renovating the mansion in preparation for his return from prison.  

Workmen were seen replacing a large patio at a cost of more than £10,000. The Berkshire home’s drive way was also dug up and the back garden was revamped.

On May 11, an undertaker’s private ambulance was photographed outside his home after Harris died aged 93 there on May 10, 13 days ago. 

His death was only registered with Windsor and Maidenhead Council today, with the document also revealing that he has been cremated. 

The former children’s entertainer was jailed in July 2014 for five years and nine months after being found guilty of a dozen indecent assaults against four young girls.

His crimes took place between 1968 and 1986, and some of these assaults occurred inside his Berkshire home. 

The married couple pose for a photo alongside their two dogs at the family home

The disgraced TV star died of neck cancer and old age at the age of 93

Harris was said to have spent his remaining days looking after his wife, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease

He only left the multimillion pound riverside home to go to the local doctors to pick up medication for his diabetes

Thousands of pounds were spent re-doing the house’s front patio in time for Harris’ return from prison

In one instance it was reported that Harris sexually assaulted one of his daughter’s friends who was between the ages of 13 and 19. He was said to have performed a sex act on her while his daughter slept in another room at the family home.  

Harris rose to fame in his early 20’s when he moved to England, became an art student and found work in television at the BBC, performing a regular ten-minute cartoon drawing section in a children’s show – Jigsaw.

He went on to illustrate Harbin’s Paper Magic program in 1956 and quickly became a regular on other BBC television shows.

Harris moved back to Australia in 1959 and tried his hand as an actor, before inventing the wobbleboard – and used it in his song ‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport’.

He recorded more novelty music before moving back to England and began to socialise with stars such as The Beatles.

Harris seen near his home in Berkshire in 2019 using a homemade walking stick

The convicted paedophile was seen four years ago walking in Berkshire trying to keep up with his dog 

The Australian entertainer performs on the set of a music television show in London in March 1967

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