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SURROUNDED by the dense and dangerous jungle of Central America, a drug-fuelled treetop rave is attracting backpackers from every corner of the globe.  

The Treehouse Jungle Rave is a party in the Nicaraguan jungle that has been described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience with stunning views, cheap booze, and an amazing atmosphere till the sun comes up. 

A hostel and a party venue, The Treehouse is renowned for holding one of the best parties in the world – but it’s not so easy to get to. 

The venue is situated 200 meters up on the side of the Mombacho volcano, surrounded by zip lines, a suspense bridge and a jungle swing.  

Visitors are warned that they’ll need a “basic level of fitness” to be able to make their way to the tree-top paradise.

Those looking for a wild night of spontaneous fun will want to get The Treehouse every Friday with a ticket costing just £11 – and it’s even cheaper if you’re already staying at the hostel. 


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You'll need to board a free 30-minute shuttle, a ride in the back of a crowded pickup truck along a dirt track through the rainforest, followed by a hike. 

The shuttles run from 4pm to 8pm from the city of Granada – with those on the later taxi rumoured to get free shots to get everyone in the party mood.

But for those who arrive early enough to see the sunset, they’ll be met with stunning panoramic views of the jungle and the sound of howler monkeys as they sip their drinks on the rope bridges.

One visitor described the experience as like “being in a different world”. 

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She wrote: “Friday night was an epic festival, everyone is dancing, jungle raving and getting along, a DJ from the Netherlands, UV lights and absolute debauchery."

Footage shows the packed balconies overlooking the jungle canopy while partygoers let loose with booze and drugs under the disco lights.

Bizarrely, There is also the chance to get a tattoo as a fond reminder of your time raving in the treetops. 

Another visitor who reviewed their night said: “Don’t forget to bring some extra cash for a tattoo and some hidden liquid acid that may or may not be behind the bar. Don’t tell them we told you.” 

They added: “The views from this hostel are incomparable and I really recommend taking the early shuttle to get the sunset.

“…Honestly, the party doesn’t really die down and continues well into the morning. Judge for yourself which shuttle you think you should take. 

“Are you crazy enough to take the shuttle at 11am the next day? Only some can say they truly beat the Jungle Rave.”

Visitors are told to "expect rustic natural surroundings, an amazing place with wonder views, comfortable habitation and excellent food and drink.

The venue has "incredible opportunities to view unique wildlife, enjoy an upbeat atmosphere and affordable prices."

The Treehouse is more than just a party venue with those staying at the hostel able to take magical tours of the volcano and stunning lagoons. 

Other fun activities include zip lining, yoga, and meditation, and there is the opportunity to take part in community projects for those wanting a more wholesome experience. 

Other stunning party hotspots include Thailand’s secret rave surrounded by snake-infested jungle that can only be reached by boat & a two-hour trek through the snake-infested jungle. 

The Garden of Eden party is so exclusive that many only hear of its existence via word of mouth and they can expect to have the best night of their lives – with drug-fuelled raves till sunrise and cheap booze on tap.   

Koh Phangan is famous for its Full Moon Party, but those wanting to get away from the big crowds of backpackers can find a magical cove with a stunning beach and bar open till 12pm the following day. 

One travel blogger describes it as “one of the best parties I have attended in my life” and "far better than the “Full Moon Party”. 

Although the idyllic setting has become a place for hedonistic pleasure, it’s not for the faint heart hearted with partygoers warned not to wander from the venue. 

Nestled on the rocks of the island, many have fallen foul of the small walkway to the open-fronted bar. 

One visitor described drunken dancers falling to the rocks below "breaking bones and risking death." 

Others have warned about wandering into the snake-infested jungle alone and to keep a close eye on valuables – leaving them in the hotels and hostels where possible.

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