ISIS fanatics BEHEADS and kills 22 people including women and children in Congo bloodbath

ISIS fanatics have killed at least 22 people including women and children in a bloodbath in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Officials said that militants from the Allied Democratic Forces  (ADF) beheaded 13 of the victims in a brutal attack of Kisima-Vutotolia, a village near the town of Beni on Tuesday.

They stated that among the victims there was a number of women and children before adding that there are still bodies being recovered.

Territorial administrator Donat Kibuana said: "The situation in Kisima is very tragic.

"There was a raid by the ADF around 7 pm last night. Thirteen people lost their lives," he said.

A number of villagers is also thought to have been kidnapped.

"We have already recovered 13 bodies. These people were bound and decapitated," an aid worker told AFP.

The Kivu Security Tracker (KST), which monitors violence in the region, said seven bodies of civilians were found in nearby Singipa, and that around a dozen people were missing.

Roger Masimango, a representative of civil society groups in the Rwenzori area, said the village chief in Kisima and his wife were among the dead.

"Two children aged four and two months were found alive next to the corpses of their parents," Masimango said.

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