It's right to reopen on Monday but to keep June 21’s unlocking under review

Delhi tally

BORIS Johnson’s measured reaction to the Indian variant is the right one. But why are we even in this position?

His decision to delay travel restrictions from India last month was folly given the horrific scenes there and the discovery of this variant in March.

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The Government was too slow with border curbs at the start of this crisis. It is disheartening that it failed to learn from that.

But the PM and his scientists have at least kept the uptick in cases in perspective. Our position is entirely different from last year when we were defenceless.

Vast numbers of us have been jabbed at least once. Many have near-total ­protection against hospitalisation or death, neither of which has so far risen even in the Indian variant hotspots.

So, as Boris says, it is right still to reopen on Monday but to keep June 21’s final unlocking under review.

This is hopefully just a last bump in the road. But it should not be happening at all.

Wince Harry

MANY people will dislike Prince Harry sounding off again about his suffering.

But if his childhood — for all its vast privileges — damaged him as badly as he says, then fair enough. Especially in Mental Health Awareness Week.

What is unforgivable is the hurt he inflicts on others.

Attacks on family members they know will not retaliate are a feature of every interview Harry and Meghan conduct about their time as Royals.

On Oprah they portrayed Charles and Kate as uncaring. Harry purported to know William felt “trapped”.

They accused senior Royals of racism. Now Harry implies both his father and grandmother, the Queen, were poor parents.

These slurs may be cruel and deliberate. At best they are utterly reckless, betraying the couple’s blindness to the power of their words to wound.

Either way the Sussexes should be ashamed.

Do they give a moment’s thought to the mental health of the family they smear?

Boris Rayns

LITTLE wonder Boris and the Tories are 15 points ahead in the latest poll when even Labour’s deputy leader reckons she’d have voted for him.

Angela Rayner admits her own boss Keir Starmer annoys her. As for Boris, though: “I think a lot of people like the authenticity.

The Angie Rayner at 18 would have liked someone a bit spicy and willing to throw a grenade in.”

That view is commonplace. But it only partly accounts for the Tories’ commanding position.

The whole picture would include the four years of toxic Corbynite extremism Rayner backed.

Plus Labour’s suicidal “People’s Vote” strategy, its woke insanity and a new leader with the charisma of a fencepost.

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