Joe Biden is 'panicking' about Trump's late surge and the excitement from his supporters, Fox News' Sean Hannity says

POLITICAL pundit Sean Hannity has claimed Dem insiders say the party is panicking.

The Fox News commentator said Democrats had edged into "full fledged panic tonight" after watching "the size and magnitude and passion and enthusiasm of every single Donald Trump rally".

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It comes after the President embarked on a on a last-ditch mega MAGA tour around key swing states.

Speaking on Fox News Hannity said the rapturous crowds "has [Democrats] rocked to their inner core."

He added: "It has now dawned on all of them that Trump can win Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan again."

Trump held five rallies in four key states – including North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin ahead of going head-to-head in the polls with Biden TONIGHT as supporters rally around him hoping for four more years.

Hannity said a "significant dramatic polling decline" had set panic stations among the Dems, according to sources inside the party.

The pundit added: "Minorities and young people [are now] breaking for Donald in record-breaking numbers."

But he was quick to make it clear he doesn't trust "any of these pollsters".

Hannity said: "Nobody is going to be able to predict what is happening tomorrow", but urged Trump supporters to head to the polls and vote to save America from "Biden’s socialist hellhole".

The president made his final pitch for a second term in the White House in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his adult children by his side.

He told supporters: "I think we're going to win everything. I think tomorrow is going to be one of the greatest wins in the history.

"This is not the crowd of somebody who is going to lose the state of Michigan. This is not the crowd of a second place finisher.

"We want a big win. Not just a win. A big win."

At each each event, the president touched on familiar themes, from his support of the military and economic record, to hitting out a China and the potential for voter fraud.

Meanwhile, Trump's Democratic rival Joe Biden headed to Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday, before traveling to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, in what many believe will be the most fiercely contested state of the contest.

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