Madeleine McCann’s parents went on daily jogs close to home of chief suspect ‘Christian B’ after she disappeared in 2007 – The Sun

MADELEINE McCann's parents jogged past new suspect 'Christian B's house almost daily while they were in Praia da Luz after their daughter vanished in 2007, it's been claimed.

The rundown farmhouse where he lived is also just a stone's throw from where Brit cops and police dogs searched for the youngster in 2014.

The couple took daily exercise close to the rundown farmhouse, which has since been renovated, the Mirror reports.

The McCanns remained in Portugal for four months after their daughter went missing while they desperately searched for answers.

'Christian B' is known to have lived in different parts of the Algarve between 1995 and 2007, and for some of that time shared a remote home a few miles outside the resort with a girlfriend.

The property was owned by a British man who has asked to remain anonymous, but who confirmed that the couple separated in the years before Christian B abandoned the property in 2006.

He said that both British and Portuguese police have asked for his help when gathering background information for the case.

"The house was occupied for a period of time by what seemed like an ordinary young couple trying to get by in Portugal," he said.

"Living in England, we had relatively little interaction besides talk of the house, the land and any maintenance issues.

"At a later date we discovered that the man’s girlfriend had parted company and returned to Germany."

It comes after Madeleine's parents said they are "realistic about her being alive" and want evidence after a German prosecutor revealed police believe the missing youngster is dead.

The extraordinary claim was made in Germany as it emerged a 43-year-old rapist and paedo called Christian B is the prime suspect in the infamous 2007 disappearance.

Prosecutors in the country say they are investigating the convicted rapist "on suspicion of murder" and say they believe Madeleine is dead and know how she was killed – despite no body being found.

Madeleine's tortured parents Kate and Gerry, who are being updated on developments by Scotland Yard, now say they "want evidence" proving their daughter is no longer alive.

Their official spokesperson Clarence Mitchell said: "German police say they are assuming that Madeleine is dead but they have no proof. British police are keeping an open mind and Portuguese police are reacting with caution too.

"So Kate and Gerry still fervently hope that Madeleine will be found alive despite everything that appears to be happening. They continue to hope she is alive until they can be shown incontrovertible evidence which proves that she is not."

He added: "But they are being realistic and simply want to know what has happened to their daughter and establish the truth, and for those responsible to be brought to justice. They will wait to hear what the police tell them.

"They want a resolution and after all these years they want peace."

The sensational development emerged yesterday after Scotland Yard, who are still treating the disappearance as a missing person's probe, confirmed a prime suspect in jail in Germany had been identified.

He has not been named by British cops but has been unmasked as Christian B – a convicted paedophile and rapist banged up for attacking a 72-year-old tourist in Portugal.

Police in Germany fear the drifter, who stole from hotels in Praia da Luz, may have snatched Madeleine after first entering the holiday home to raid it.

The fiend was living in a campervan in Praia da Luz in Portugal around the time the three-year-old vanished on May 3, 2007.

As well as the campervan, the drug dealer and burglar also been linked to a 1993 Jaguar XJR6 with a German number plate seen in Praia da Luz and surrounding areas in 2006 and 2007.

On May 4, 2007 – the day after Madeleine vanished – he got the Jaguar re-registered in Germany under someone else's name although it is believed the vehicle remained in Portugal.

German police believe one of the two vehicles were used in the disappearance of Madeleine.

He also took a mysterious 30-minute phonecall just one hour before the disappearance and had also rented two homes in Portugal just miles from the Ocean Club where Madeleine was staying.

Mr Mitchell said that of 'all the thousands of leads in the past nothing is as clear cut as this latest one, adding: "Three police forces are saying he is the key suspect. It is the most significant development."

But a friend of heart doctor Gerry, 51, and former GP Kate, 52, from Rothley, Leicestershire, said the couple had "mixed emotions" over the developments.

The pal said: "It’s a difficult and nerve wracking time for them and the whole family. Of course they want to find Madeleine alive but after all this time they just need answers."

Madeleine's parents have never given up hope they will find out what happened to their daughter in the agonising 13-year search.

The couple said they were driven by an "almost feral reaction" as they carried out a desperate search for their daughter on the night she vanished.

They have been the subject of backlash and had the finger pointed at them but their Catholic faith has never been shaken as they poured their energy into the search.

The couple have launched numerous appeals and seen millions in taxpayer money poured into the investigation to no avail.

Kate, who stopped working as a GP after the horror, is an ambassador for the Missing People charity and regularly campaigns for children who have vanished.

Her husband still works as a professor of cardiac imaging at the University of Leicester, and a consultant cardiologist.

Gerry has bravely opened up about his mental health struggles since the night Madeleine went missing.

A statement from Madeleine's parents on Wednesday said: "We welcome the appeal today regarding the disappearance of our daughter Madeleine.

"We would like to thank the police officers involved for their continued efforts in the search for Madeleine.

"All we have ever wanted is to find her, uncover the truth and bring those responsible to justice.

"We will never give up hope of finding Madeleine alive, but whatever the outcome may be, we need to know as we need to find peace."

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