Man dressed in Nazi regalia forced out of NYC bar by patrons

‘Leave for your own safety!’ Halloween reveler in NAZI uniform is ordered out of Manhattan restaurant after outraging diners with his huge swastika armband

  • A man dressed in full Nazi regalia was heckled out of an NYC bar Saturday 
  • Video of the man posted to Twitter shows bar guests at Fanelli Cafe yelling at the man and telling him to ‘leave for your own safety’ 
  • In the clip, the smiling young man, donning full regalia including a swastika armband, sidled up to the bar
  • The footage has amassed four million views in less than 24 hours 
  • The unidentified man appears to laugh as he attempts to order a drink before eventually exiting the bar 
  • The incident comes just one week after supporters of Kanye West held antiemetic protests in Los Angeles
  • West has recently been dropped from partnerships over his antisemitic comments, including him saying he wanted to go ‘death con 3’ on Jewish people

Guests at a New York City bar looked on in horror as a man dressed in a Nazi costume walked in to the establishment over the Halloween weekend. 

Now viral video shows the man in full Nazi brigs, including an armband with a swastika on it. He was immediately forced out of Fanelli Cafe, a popular bar in the swanky SoHo neighborhood.

‘A guy just walked into fanelli cafe in soho dressed as a nazi,’ the original poster of the video wrote in the tweet. ‘I have no words.’ 

The unidentified patron is seen smiling as he approaches the bar while onlookers gasp in shock. 

Patrons could be seen covering their faces in shock and horror as the young man approached the bar inside the New York City establishment

The unidentified man chuckled and shrugged as people inside Fanelli Cafe asked ‘what is wrong with you?’ 

As the man stands at the bar, purportedly to order a drink, one woman can be seen covering her face in horror as another man sitting next to her glares at him. 

Another woman can be heard asking the man loudly, ‘what is wrong with you?’ 

Other patrons chime in, telling him to ‘get out of here,’ and ‘what the f**k was that?’ 

The man wearing the Nazi costume smiles and shrugs while patrons continue to confront him over his choice of attire. 

‘F**k you mate,’ the man responds at one point in the video. 

‘You want to get f—ed up? [Leave] for your own safety,’ says a person as the man hovers near the doors to the bar. 

One patron was so upset by the incident that he stood up from his table several feet away from the man, pointing towards the exit and ushering him out. reached out to Fanelli Cafe for comment on the incident and received the following: ‘We have no comment at this time.’

This is the New York restaurant and bar where a man showed up Saturday evening dressed in a full Nazi costume 

In the video, the man stands at the bar as others stare at him and one person records 

The man was quickly ushered out and told to leave for his own safety after others inside the restaurant expressed their distaste with his costume

The 18 second video has sparked major outrage on social media as Twitter users attempt to understand what the man’s state of mind could have been.

‘Wow, imagine your life is so sad and pathetic at this point that the only way you can do something fun is to purposefully piss everyone off by doing the most offensive thing possible.’ 

Another person on Twitter responded with a picture that reads ‘Nazi lives don’t matter.’ 

‘Why he’s mad he’s getting kicked out? Like did he think he wouldn’t get people upset with this costume or something,’ said another. In a response to that tweet, another user wrote: ‘he’s there testing boundaries. he feels safe on the street dressed like that. people should change that for him.’

The video was posted by this Twitter user, who identifies as both gay and Jewish, according to his Twitter bio

‘Honestly is so disgusting to still see stuff like this in 2022. People seem to think it was a long time, when in fact I’m only the 2nd generation after the Holocaust,’ said another. 

‘Thankfully they tossed him out. It’s going to get worse unless people decide not to put up with it,’ one Twitter user wrote in response. 

The original post has received more than 87,000 likes since being uploaded to the site late Saturday evening. 

More than 3,300 people have quoted the tweet, adding their own comments, and nearly 8,000 have simply retweeted. 

The viral tweet has sparked outrage from hundreds of thousands of people 

Many on social media applauded the quick reaction from bar patrons who forced the man out

One Twitter user received more than 11,000 likes for commenting on how the Nazi regalia is never ‘a costume’ 

The man who posted the video to the social media app identifies as both gay and Jewish, according to his Twitter bio. Both identity groups were heavily targeted by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party during the Holocaust. 

More than six million Jews were killed by the Nazis while the number of LGBT+ victims remains unknown to this day. 

The incident comes shortly after an antisemitic message was displayed on the exterior of the TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Florida, following Saturday night’s game between the Florida Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs. 

The message displayed after the game read: ‘Kanye is right about the Jews.’

The antisemitic comment prompted a joint response from the team’s who had played earlier in the day. 

‘The University of Florida and the University of Georgia together condemn these and all acts of antisemitism and other forms of hatred and intolerance,’ the teams said. 

‘We are proud to be home to strong and thriving Jewish communities at UGA and UF, and we stand together against hate.’ 

The message of hate also prompted a response from the Southeastern Conference, which the teams play in. 

 ‘The SEC denounces all forms of hatred and intolerance,’ the league said Saturday evening. 

They also condemned ‘other antisemitic hate-speech in Jacksonville on Saturday,’ referencing video that showed the same message about Kanye West projected onto other buildings in the area. 

The message is referencing rapper Kanye West’s recent antisemitic comments which have since seen him dropped from several of his partnerships, including GAP, Adidas, and Balenciaga. 

Earlier this year, West tweeted that he wanted to go ‘death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.’  

Kanye West’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were restricted, with the social media platforms saying they removed his posts that online users condemned as antisemitic

Kanye promised to ‘go death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE’ in a shocking tweet earlier this month

He then tweeted: ‘The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also…you guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.’

The rapper was asked by Piers Morgan on Wednesday if he regretted the tweet and he said: ‘No. Absolutely not, absolutely not.’ 

He later clarified: ‘I will say I’m sorry for the people that I hurt. I feel like I caused hurt and confusion, and I’m sorry for the families of the people that had nothing to do with the trauma that I had been through and that I use my platform where you say, “Hurt people hurt people,” and I was hurt.’

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