Massachusetts professor accused of raping student faces new accusations

A Massachusetts college professor who pleaded not guilty to raping a student in his office is facing additional charges after several other women contacted police, according to reports.

Nicholas R. Pirelli, a 36-year-old communications professor at Bridgewater State University, was arrested again late Tuesday on charges of trafficking of a person for sexual servitude, distributing obscene matter, and sexual conduct for a fee, The Enterprise reports.

A warrant was issued for Pirelli’s arrest after five additional women reported encounters with him after he was taken into custody last week on rape and indecent assault charges, Bridgewater State Police Chief David Tillinghast told the newspaper.

“Circumstances alleged by two of the five women … were determined to be criminal in nature,” Tillinghast said. “We acted on those reports.”

Pirelli, who pleaded not guilty following his initial March 4 arrest, entered the same plea Wednesday to the new charges, the Boston Globe reports.

One student told campus police she started chatting with Pirelli on “sugar baby” and “sugar daddy” dating website in December, some two months after another student at the university told cops she started talking with him on the website, according to court filings obtained by the newspaper.

Pirelli offered to pay the student for sex while boasting that he had a “large collection” of sex toys, court documents show.

“When a woman is dominant, I want her to tie me down, choke me, and feel strong enough to put me in chastity if she wants to,” Pirelli wrote the student, according to the report. “I want her to feel like she owns every part of my body and can do whatever she wants to it.”

The woman kept turning down Pirelli’s offers for sex for money, saying she only wanted to chat and maybe send him photos. Pirelli later sent her more than $300 on several occasions between January and February, according to the filing.

Pirelli then offered to pay the woman $200 if she met him for dinner and used a sex toy during the meal, leading her to cut down on her communications with the professor, the document states.

“It is clear that Pirelli attempted to recruit [the woman] as his own personal prostitute by enticing her with the promise of money in exchange for sexual acts,” the report said.

Pirelli, who is due back in court on April 30, was placed on administrative leave with pay from Bridgewater State following his arrest.

His attorney, Scott Bradley, characterized the rape charge he faces as the “weakest” he had seen during 20 years as an attorney. Bradley also shot down the sex trafficking accusation, saying it was “at best-attempted sex for a fee,” The Enterprise reports.

“All of these women go on a website, judge, that seeks out men with money to provide them stuff in exchange for pictures and whatnot,” Bradley said. “They’re making it out to be a lot more nefarious than it is. It’s not a human trafficking case whatsoever.”

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