Mini horse takes things slow and steady on obstacle course

‘Coming up the rear!’ Adorable mini horse in California takes things VERY slow and steady as it jumps an obstacle

  • The tiny stallion is shown playing with equine pals on a farm in Bonsall, California
  • Buffalo Soldier, the cautious miniature horse, is flummoxed by a tiny hurdle
  • After a few seconds of hesitation, the pensive little steed clears the obstacle 
  • Miniature horses at Faithful Minis farm visit San Diego hospitals to give ‘therapy’ 

This is the sweet moment a miniature horse faltered on a tiny obstacle course and was left behind by his equine pals.

The video, shot at the Faithful Minis horse farm in Bonsall, California, shows a miniature horse named Buffalo Soldier momentarily bested by a tiny metal hurdle. 

His two companions lead the way, galloping over the obstacle with ease.

Two miniature horses at a farm in Bonsall, California, race excitedly over a tiny hurdle, leaving little Buffalo Soldier to eat their dust as he pensively studies the obstacle

Behind them comes the pensive and cautious Buffalo Soldier, who prefers to take things slow and steady.

A farm worker in the video can be heard joking: ‘Coming up the rear’, as Buffalo Soldier is left to eat the dust of his companions. 

After a few seconds of consideration, Buffalo Soldier gingerly clears the hurdle and continues on excitedly in his companions’ wake. 

Buffalo Soldier gingerly puts a hoof over the hurdle, having been momentarily flummoxed by it

The 31-second video was shot by farm owner Faith San Severino in early December.

Faith San Severino is a horse handler at Faithful Minis horse farm, which – according to its website – trains miniature horses for ‘therapy, mobility, service and love’. 

Another video of Buffalo Soldier ambling slowly after his companions was shared on TikTok on December 26 with the caption: ‘When you try your best, but you’re always late to the party!’   

The horse handlers at Faithful Minis horse farm have gained repute by taking their tiny stallions to hospitals throughout San Diego County and letting patients find comfort in stroking them.

Faithful Minis horse farm also sells its therapeutic equines to good homes, with prices on their site ranging from $4900 to $7200.

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