Moment paedo serial killer shows cops how he broke into home of victim, 88, as he confesses to murdering seven others

THIS is the chilling moment a paedo serial killer shows cops how he broke into the home of an 88-year-old victim, and confesses to murdering seven others.

Andrey Yezhov, a 53-year-old Russian plumber, callously admitted to the serial rape and murder of seven women.

Yazhov was arrested after the elderly woman was found dead with signs of having been raped in her home in the city of Kashira in the western Russian region of Moscow Oblast.

The arrest was made after investigators checked CCTV footage, local media reports.

In video footage of his police interrogation, the plumber tells officers: “I confess to the multiple murders and rape of women during the last 10 years.”

He is then taken to the scene of the crime and shows officers how he allegedly broke into the house and strangled the pensioner to death.

He also explains how he stole the woman's TV before throwing her passbook into a grassy area and returning home.

Investigators allegedly found Yazhov's DNA and fingerprints linked to other crimes in the area, local media reports.

He is suspected of committing at least two more murders and the rape of a 10-year-old girl.

The girl was raped in the early hours of the morning in her home in January.

She reportedly attends the children’s centre where the suspect’s wife works as a psychologist.

DNA tests have reportedly linked the plumber with the crime.

Yezhov is also suspected of having raped and murdered a woman in her home in 2013, as well as raping another woman in a forest in 2015 before strangling her to death.

He is currently being held in a pre-trial detention centre as the investigation into the crimes continues.


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