NYC firefighters union to endorse Andrew Yang

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The firefighters union will endorse Andrew Yang for New York City mayor Thursday in Queens, The Post has learned.

“I believe in him. I believe that this city needs a fresh face in politics,” said Andy Asbro, president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association.

“I’m just amazed that the politicians we have at hand always promise to increase the resources of the department but continually not deliver,” Asbro said.

“How long can we talk about new firehouses in Hudson Yards, Long Island City or any other area that’s been built up without actually doing it?” he asked.

Asbro’s powerful union counts 20,000 active and retired members. Yang’s only other union endorsement comes from the Freelancers Union.

Yang, 46, a former entrepreneur, made his first foray into politics during the Democratic presidential primary last year.

“I believe someone unhindered by New York City politics without the attachments and obligations can really make a difference,” Asbro said.

He declined to discuss why the union snubbed front-runner Eric Adams, who may have seemed like a natural fit as a former NYPD captain.

Yang ranked third in the most recent poll by PIX 11, after Adams and Maya Wiley, the former chief counsel to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The firefighters’ backing will be only the second union endorsement for Yang, who along with Wiley was co-endorsed by the Freelancers Union in March.

“I am so grateful for our firefighters,” Yang told The Post.

“Like so many others, I remember scrambling out of my office building on 9/11. And it was our firefighters who ran in the other direction.

“During Hurricane Sandy, my wife was delivering our first son at a hospital in Midtown as the lights flickered. All the while — our firefighters were out in the streets, rescuing the most vulnerable and helping our city again recover.

“And that’s the kind of bravery we need to break the status quo to build a comeback worthy of New York. Time and again we’ve seen our firefighters lead the way for us, and I’m so honored to have them at my side and when I’m in City Hall we’re going to do everything we can to have their backs,” Yang said.

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