One in five men reckon they could beat a chimpanzee in a fight even though they stand no chance

ONE in five men reckon they could beat a chimpanzee in a fight — despite the fact the powerful beasts would soon make a monkey of them.

A similar number of blokes said they could successfully wrestle a lethal king cobra, a survey found.

Despite their cuddly image, denser muscle fibre means chimps are at least four times stronger than humans.

They are also startlingly quick and can be surprisingly aggressive.

Expert Sarah Bell said: “Chimpanzees have been known to tear off people’s faces and leave men with a little less manhood than they had before the encounter.”

And Jan Garen — owner of Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary in Powys — added: “A man would stand no chance at all.

“A chimp will go for your eyes so you can’t see, then hands so you can’t fight back.

"People forget that chimps can bite. And they are very fast.”

In the YouGov poll, a deluded seven per cent of men and eight per cent of women bragged they could win against a lion in hand-to-paw combat.

Not so surprisingly, 71 per cent of men and 51 per cent of women were confident of beating up a goose.

Sixty per cent of men fancied their chances against a medium-sized dog compared to 51 per cent of women.

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