Quarantined Italians sing rousing soccer songs from their balconies

‘We will never give up!’: Quarantined Italians sing rousing soccer songs from their balconies to lift their spirits amid coronavirus crisis in Naples

  • People stuck in the tower blocks in Casoria, Naples, belted out a defiant chorus   
  • Using improvised chants and football songs they try to keep morale high  
  • 60 million citizens are locked down across the whole of Italy due to the virus 
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Quarantined Italians took to their balconies for a second time on Friday evening to sing the national anthem and rousing soccer anthems to lift morale amid the country’s severe coronavirus outbreak. 

The flash mob launched throughout Italy aimed to bring people together and try to cope with the emergency of coronavirus as the country remains on nationwide lockdown. 

In Milan the singing was joined by Opera singer Laura Baldassari, who leaned out of her window in heartwarming scenes. 

Opera singer Laura Baldassari leans out of her window in Milan to sing during a flash mob launched throughout Italy to bring people together and try to cope with the emergency of coronavirus on Friday evening 

A Rome resident uses pot lids as make-shift cymbals as she takes part in a music flash mob from her balcony

Turin musician Federica Magliano plays the harp as part of the flash mob which was launched across Italy on Friday evening 

Musicians Federico Sirianni and Federica Magliano play from their balconies to keep up the moral during a nationwide lockdown

Others confined to their homes even took their musical instruments out with them to the balconies, determined to lift the mood amid the somber situation. 

Guitars, recorders and harps were among the instruments taken onto balconies on Friday. One quick-thinking resident even grabbed pot lids to use as make-shift cymbals. 

It comes after the lyrics ‘We will never give up!’ rang out on the streets of Casoria in the sourthern city of Naples on Thursday evening as locals confined to their homes sang the defiant chorus. 

A man plays guitar on the balcony of his home during a flash mob launched throughout Italy

Turin musician Federico Sirianni plays the guitar and sings with a microphone in heartwarming scenes on Friday evening 

A couple plays the Italian national anthem with recorders from the window of their house

The residents of the housing blocks joined together last night, shouting from their balconies in a chorus of resistance against the deadly disease sweeping the country.  

In the video, the Neapolitan locals can be heard singing: ‘We will stay at home. 

People play the Italian national anthem with music instruments and pot lids from the windows of their house on Friday 

People on the balconies of the Quartieri Spagnoli sing together and display the Italian flag to give themselves courage, as they are on lockdown in Naples on Friday 

A person waves an Italian flag from an apartment window as part of a flashmob organised to raise morale during Italy’s coronavirus crisis in Rome

‘Tonight the whole of Casoria are united in chorus.

‘The people will never give up so come on Naples!’ 

The video, posted by Susy Unica Silvestri, has been shared just under 10,000 times since it was uploaded to her Facebook last night. 

Pictured: People can be seen chanting from their balconies to rouse spirits amid quarantine controls in Naples last night 

The locked-down citizens then ring out verses of their local team, Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli, who play in Serie A, the top tier of Italian football.  

‘People like us will never give up; people like us will never give up; people like us; people like us; people like us will never give up,’ they chant in unison. 

‘Come on Italy! Come on Naples!


More people join in the chant on the balconies of their homes in Naples last night 

Along with an improvised chant, the Neapolitan residents sang songs of their local football team, SSC Napoli last night

Pictured: The defiant tower block in Casoria commune in Naples last night. The people can be heard singing ‘The people will never give up so come on Naples!’

‘We are all united.

‘Come out on your balconies, out on your balconies! Come out on your balconies, out on your balconies!

‘The virus that is facing us will not defeat us… The virus that is facing us will not defeat us!’  

Other cities have also joined together, singing similar renditions of local favourites, with Siena, which is in Tuscany, belting out a version of ‘Canto della Verbena’ (And while Siena sleeps). 

Naples, in the south of the country, escaped the initial surge in coronavirus cases, recording just 95 infections as of yesterday, but citizens have still been placed under strict ‘stay at home rules’ by the Italian government. 

The streets of Naples are deserted today in the wake of social distancing rules amid the coronavirus crisis

Sanitation vehicles disinfect the streets near the Monaldi hospital on March 12, 2020 in Naples, Italy

Workers during street cleaning operations today in Naples, Italy. While the spread of coronavirus runs all over the globe, 2,500 new cases have been traced in Italy only on 12 March 2020

As of Friday, Italy had 17,660 positive cases and 1,266 dead, more than any country outside China. 

Lombardy alone accounts for 55% of the infected and 70% of the dead. The government has imposed a nationwide lockdown, closing stores and restaurants, curbing public transport and telling the population of 60 million to stay home except for absolute need. 

Under the restrictive measures, people can only leave home if they need to do so for work purposes, to buy groceries, for health reasons, and to provide care to youngsters and the elderly. 






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