Ramadan end 2020: What does Jumma Mubarak mean and why is the last Friday of Ramadan important? – The Sun

FIDAY is a holy day of worship in Islam and the last Friday of Ramadan is particularly special.

But why is it so significant and what does Jumma Mubrak mean? Here's everything you need to know.

What does Jumma Mubarak mean and why do people say it?

Jumma Mubarak means "happy Friday" or "have a blessed Friday".

The phrase is generally believed to be a friendly greeting on the holy day, rather than something suggested or said by Prophet Muhammad himself or that's written into Islamic law.

"Jumma" or "جمعہ" means Friday in Urdu, a language spoken across Pakistan and in Muslim pockets of India.

And "mubarak" roughly translates as "blessed" or "blessing" across the Urdu and Arabic languages.

Why is the last Friday of Ramadan so significant?

Also known as the Friday of Farewell, Alvida Jummah or Jamat-ul-Vidam, the last Friday of Ramadan is significant in Islam.

As a holy day, Friday is significant for Muslims anyway – many Muslims believe God created Adam on this day and thus each week it's a small anniversary of the creation of man.

Lots of key events in Islam also take place on a Friday.

But as the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan or Ramzan it takes on a double meaning.

How is the Friday of Farewell celebrated?

As it marks the end of the fast, it's traditional for Muslims to attend mosque on this day – even those who don't observe the fast.

Family and friends congregate to listen to a special sermon on the Friday of Farewell, and bid goodbye to the holy month.

However lockdown will inevitably change these plans for 2020.




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