Shocking moment thief tries to snatch French bulldog from owner

Shocking moment thief tries to snatch $6,000 French bulldog from its owner as she entered Manhattan office building revolving door in broad daylight attack

  •  NYPD are seeking the man who attempted to steal a French bulldog from it’s owner last month
  •  The woman was seen entering into a Financial District office in Manhattan when the man followed her into the same partition in a revolving door
  • The incident occurred in broad daylight as bystanders passed by
  • The tiny puppies ranging from $3,000 to $6,000 are a hot commodity as many attempt to get their hands on them 

This is the horrifying moment a thief tried to snatch a New York woman’s French bulldog from her when they entered a revolving door of an office building in Manhattan’s Financial District.

Surveillance footage, from June 21, shows the dog owner entering 61 Broadway, in New York City, with her dog on a leash. 

As she enters the building’s revolving door, a man enters directly behind her, sharing the same partition in the door.  

Video shows him slamming the woman’s head against the glass door while trying to wrestle the leash out of her hand in the shocking daylight attack at 3pm.

The two are seen in a struggle to secure the tiny dog as bystanders approach the side door of the building.

The suspect, who wore a white hoodie with a bag, fled the scene and remains on the loose. Meanwhile, the woman sustained a head injury after bumping the glass. 

The New York incident is one of a few as the stealing of the tiny dogs is occurring in multiple places across the country.

The puppies that range from $4,000 to $6,000 are a hot commodity – and the business to sell the pups is skyrocketing, according to The New York Times. 

Police are seeking the man who attempted to steal a French bulldog is broad daylight on June 21. The unknown suspect was seen in footage following a women into a Manhattan building

The man followed the woman to the entry of a building where he approached her in the revolving door

The altercation resulted in the woman suffering from her head injury as she attempted to secure her pup

Last month, a family’s French bulldog was stolen during a home invasion in Philadelphia, Fox 29 reported.

Two home invaders stole the new puppy that belonged to an 11-year-old girl on June 22. The thefts headed to the home located on the 4800 block of Darrah Street and forced their way in with a gun.

The pair immediately demanded the dog.

Police say the duo appeared at the home and asked for someone who did not live there when they pulled out the gun and demanded the money and French bulldog.

As reports of French bulldogs being stolen in Chicago, Houston, New York, California, and Miami continue, a California breeder said he carry’s a gun with him if he sells the pups to strangers. 

‘If I don’t know the area, if I don’t know the people, I always carry my handgun,’ Jaymar Del Rosario told The New York Times.

Rosario carries a variety of the puppies with some costing more than $30,000. French bulldogs have reportedly been more. 

Last year, Lady Gag’s two French bulldogs were stolen by thieves that shot the singer’s dog walker, 30-year old Ryan Fischer. 

The two dogs were taken by two men in car who pulled over and demanded the French bulldogs during a walk in Hollywood, police in Los Angeles said in a statement.

Fischer was shot once in the chest by one of them before the men fled with the two dogs. A third dog, escaped and was later found by police. 

Surveillance cameras caught the moment Fischer was attacked as he yelled, ‘no!’ and ‘help!’ 

Two days later, the pups were returned by a mystery woman to LAPD after Gaga offered a $500,000 ‘no questions asked’ reward for the safe return of her dogs. 

‘My beloved dogs Koji and Gustav were taken in Hollywood two nights ago. My heart is sick and I am praying my family will be whole again with an act of kindness. I will pay $500,000 for their safe return. Email [email protected] to contact us.’

Lady Gaga has broken her silence over the shooting and subsequent kidnapping of two of her dogs on Wednesday night

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