Taliban thugs burn down theme park a DAY after they were filmed riding dodgems

A GROUP of Taliban militants have allegedly burnt down an amusement park just days after being seen riding dodgems.

The militants, who were sporting weapons in hand, were seen laughing while riding on electric bumper cars and merry-go-round-horses following their capture of Kabul.

Since then, footage has emerged of an amusement park up in flames after its militants set it on fire.

A Twitter user who shared the video claimed it was the Bokhdi Amusement Park in Sheberghan.

The user claimed that the reason the rebel group burnt down the amusement park was that there were statues within it that were offensive to Islam.

The video showing armed men on dodgems was filmed in the north-western city of Herat.

After their blistering offensive in the country ended a 20-year war, the Taliban are now in complete control and have been patrolling the Afghan capital since Monday.

They have already pledged to reintroduce the twisted laws which saw them brutalise women and gay people when they ruled Afghanistan in the 1990s.

Disturbing reports are already emerging from Afghanisatan of Taliban fighters going door-to-door with a kill list, with woman facing torture and execution under brutal new rules.

Yesterday, one woman was "put on fire because she was accused of bad cooking for Taliban fighters" in the north of the country, one Afghan lawyer told Sky News.

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There have been reports of girls as young as 12 being dragged from their homes to be made fighters' sex slaves.

It appears their first mission is to target victims who may have helped forces of the US, UK and other nations during the occupation.

They are also reportedly going door-to-door in Kabul as they hunt for soldiers, police, government officials and journalists.

President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan on Sunday as insurgents captured the city and then raided the presidential palace.

Ghani said: “The Taliban have won with the judgement of their swords and guns, and are now responsible for the honour, property and self-preservation of their countrymen”.

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