The ex-cop turned 'Officer Naughty' who bungled a Wayne Couzens probe

The ex-Met cop turned ‘Officer Naughty’ who bungled the probe into Wayne Couzens’ flashing: How 29-year-old Samantha Lee won an army of admirers on her OnlyFans page… and uploaded a new post as hearing prepared to deliver its gross misconduct verdict

At 10am today, just as a disciplinary hearing was preparing to deliver its ruling on her actions as a serving Metropolitan Police officer, Samantha Lee shared a new post on OnlyFans, the website widely used to sell sexual images to subscribers.

The content of that post is unpalatable for a number of reasons, not least its timing, coming on the day on which the police officer formerly known as PC Lee – now going under ‘Officer Naughty’ – was found guilty of gross misconduct for dishonesty in a shambolic investigation into fellow Met officer Wayne Couzens, who is currently serving a life sentence for the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard.

‘I was gonna wait till June!’ chirrups 29-year-old Lee, introducing the post. ‘But as you’ve all been so patient this week! Here is one of my very first G/G [girl on girl] videos!! The other G/G video will be being release in June as originally planned but is still available for early purchase, let’s just say June is gonna be a hell of a spicy month!!’

She closes this missive to followers – who are invited to fork out a £100 a year to access salacious online content – with a final word of exhortation: ‘Enjoy.’

The precise detail of the video, shot in a monochrome bedroom, is too explicit to describe here, save to say it features Lee wearing a sexual pastiche of police uniform – police badge, handcuffs, a PVC bodysuit and thigh-high plastic boots – along with another blonde woman.

Ex-Met cop Samantha Lee, pictured, shared a new post on her OnlyFans page the morning she was found to have committed gross misconduct by the force

The 29-year-old – now going under ‘Officer Naughty’ – was found guilty of gross misconduct for dishonesty

Her tenure as a police officer in London may have ended in disgrace, but Lee is certainly making capital out of her time in the ranks. Quite apart from an eyebrow raising catalogue of videos and photographs – many of which feature police paraphernalia – Lee makes no secret of the fact that policing was her actual career.

In fact, as we shall see, she started her OnlyFans account when she was still employed by the Met.

Remarkably this fact – which precipitated Lee’s departure from the police in November last year – was not a feature of the disciplinary hearing into which a more soberly attired Lee walked this morning.

Lee had faced allegations that she ‘did not bother’ to seek evidence and carried out ‘a lamentably poor and rushed investigation’ into fellow Met officer Couzens, whose name had been flagged on police systems three days before the murder of Miss Everard, when he was reported for flashing two women at a McDonald’s in Swanley, Kent.

There has been no shortage of criticism of the Met in relation to scrutiny of its own staff and the handling of the Sarah Everard case.

But the spotlight has come to rest on Lee because she had the distinction of being tasked with following up that three-day-old report.

In the end, it was not her investigative blunders that led to her being found guilty of gross misconduct, but rather her dishonesty in a case that heaps yet more scrutiny on the Met and its procedures, not least in how it selects and monitors employees.

Take, for instance, pole-dancing Lee, who sat in today’s hearing looking at news coverage of her case on a laptop.

She was found to have been dishonest about her actions in an investigation into an allegation of indecent exposure by Met cop Wayne Couzens

Couzens is currently serving a whole-life order for the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard

She grew up in the Bromley area of Kent and was home-educated after attending primary school and obtained no GCSEs.

Initially she joined the police as a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) for three weeks in 2012, before leaving to work as a groom, in various stables and in a mental and physical health respite centre, helping the parents and loved ones of young people with disabilities.

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She re-joined the Met as a Police Constable in April 2016, but with no qualifications had to undertake a ‘Certificate in Knowledge of Policing’ – an online policing course to prove she had basic literacy and maths skills.

Successful, she started her career working in Croydon, before moving to Bromley to join what is known as the Inquisitive Crime team. In 2017 she received a commendation for her work.

But she first drew the ire of police colleagues in 2020, when videos of her flashing a tongue stud while wearing police uniform were posted to TikTok, despite the fact officers are not allowed to wear them while on duty,

There were others of her wearing uniform, lip-synching to the lyrics of an American rap song ‘Sound of da Police’.

It all seems remarkably tame by contrast with what Lee has uploaded to social media since, but the video raised alarm bells. ‘Inappropriate’ and ‘unprofessional’ were just some of the scathing remarks of colleagues.

The short-lived furore prompted a Met Police spokesman to reveal: ‘We are aware of a TikTok video that seems to show an MPS officer in uniform. The officer has been spoken to and reminded of their responsibility to act professionally on social media.

‘The officer has also been given advice regarding her online safety and security. The Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards have been made aware.’

Clearly it was, however, just the tip of an iceberg.

The Mail has combed back through Lee’s many social media pages and discovered she was posting scantily clad images on Instagram as long ago as October 2020. Her account is littered with the pouting selfies ubiquitous of the social media users of a certain age.

At what point this gym-loving, horse-loving young woman decided to monetise her social media career is unclear, yet it appears the events of late February and early March 2021, when Sarah Everard was murdered and Wayne Couzens arrested, played a part. On her personal website – an introduction to her more colourful line of business – Lee tells visitors: ‘I served in the Metropolitan Police Service for nearly seven years! I made plenty of memories, some good, some bad and some really sad.’

Days before he attacked Sarah, Couzens had been reported to the Met twice for exposing himself to female staff at a McDonald’s in Swanley, Kent, on February 14 and 27, 2021. At this point a crime report automatically identified Couzens’ name and address based on his car registration plate. The system failed to flag that he was serving in the Met’s Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, but correct inquiries ‘may well have established that he was a police officer’, the misconduct panel was told.

But there was a three-day delay in assigning an officer (Lee) to investigate because of the force’s incident process.

The tribunal was told Lee visited the restaurant at noon on March 3, where she was handed handwritten accounts from victims, along with till receipts revealing Couzens’ bank card details. But she stuffed them in her pocket and did not record it as evidence, because she was ‘more intent on getting away quickly than in performing her duties properly,’ the tribunal was told.

The Mail has combed back through Lee’s many social media pages and discovered she was posting scantily clad images on Instagram as long ago as October 2020

When she was finally suspended, in November last year, it was not because of the Couzens flashing investigation, but after her superior officers discovered her OnlyFans account

Branch manager Sam Taylor said that he showed Lee CCTV of Couzens’ car in the drive-through and told her that the footage could be transferred on to a USB. Lee, however, disputed this when giving evidence, insisting she would have asked Mr Taylor to download the CCTV ‘there and then’ if she knew that it existed.

Lee told the police watchdog that she did not know Couzens and it was not routine to check if criminal suspects worked in the police.

She completed a crime report that stated he was ‘suspect No 1’ and said that he ‘will need to be arrested for indecent exposure’, but agreed during the hearing that could not happen until witness statements had been taken.

They weren’t taken. Lee worked two night shifts followed by a series of rest days and it wasn’t until days later that colleagues joined the dots, by which time it was all too little, far too late. Sarah Everard was abducted, and murdered, by Couzens on March 3.

It was another eight months before Lee was interviewed by the IOPC, (Independent Office for Police Conduct). When she was finally suspended, in November last year, it was not because of the Couzens flashing investigation, but after her superior officers discovered her OnlyFans account. Styling herself as Good Girl Gone Bad, she’d been uploading salacious content to the site since October 5.

In addition, days before her suspension, she posted a snap on Instagram of herself in a navy blue corset with a police badge and ‘Officer Naughty’ name tag.

Once confronted by her bosses, it is thought she almost immediately resigned, at which point her the raunchiness of content moved up a grade.

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The OnlyFans content includes video and images made with her boyfriend, who goes by the online name Billza. The pair have a ‘couples’ page on OnlyFans, Instagram and Twitter (‘a naughty inked couple who create content, we love what we do,’) as well as individual channels.

Lee has chalked up 418 posts on her ‘Officer Naughty’ fan page, on which she includes an old photo of when she was still a serving police officer, as well as a shot of her apparently naked, bar police hat, holding aloft police tape declaring ‘Police line do not cross’.

‘Real Ex-British Met Police Officer,’ she says. ‘Become one of my ‘probationers’ as I show you all the naughty things this officer gets up to.’

On December 31, 2022, she told her followers: ‘Officially my last day … and in exactly 12 hours when the clock strikes midnight I become an ex-police officer – but forever now will be officer naughty’.

She celebrated the New Year by sharing a video of herself stripping off her full police uniform and having sex with her boyfriend as a ‘reminder that ‘the job’ is f***ed.’

The job, as she calls it, has certainly fuelled her new career. Her OnlyFans profile, which promises ‘multiple daily uploads’ has received over 14,000 ‘likes’.

She registered her ‘officernaughty’ domain name in December 2022, creating a tamer, introductory, web portal for visitors, who are then invited to click on a link directing traffic back to OnyFans.

Of the police she declares: ‘I made a choice to leave and start my own business as an adult content creator for many reasons which some may or may not have heard about. It’s been the best decision I’ve made for my mental health and my happiness. Life’s too short and we all deserve to know happiness!’

She has, so far, remained guarded about the misconduct hearing, telling her Twitter followers last week: ‘I will not be commenting anything in regards to the case, until next week after the case is concluded.’

Her parents, meanwhile, are supporting her. Last week, we spoke to her father Stephen, who said of the Couzens case. ‘It was the worst murder in British history. For me, lumping my daughter with that scumbag is an insult.

‘Both me and my wife feel very strongly against the Met. She [Samantha] was a plod. That’s it. They [police constables] can’t say ‘I think I’ll do this today’. They are told what to do and that’s it.

Fiercely defensive of his daughter, he said: ‘My daughter has left the police. She does not have to be in this trial [disciplinary hearing]. She could have walked away and said ‘I do not want to be here’.’

She was attending, he insisted, because she did not want to be bullied.

‘They are trying to put the blame for Sarah Everard on her. It’s nothing to do with her. This is about the evidence she took when she went to McDonald’s.

‘The whole reason she’s in the court is to prove she’s innocent of the Sarah Everard thing. She never wants to work for the Met again, that’s no secret. She’s got nothing to gain from this except to prove her innocence. Even if she’s proved guilty, there’s no punishment. It’s the stigma of being put in for something she didn’t do.’

His daughter, meanwhile, like any content creator, is all too aware of the importance of the right image.

Her white long-sleeved top in court today featured a sketch of a woman holding a camera, and the words ‘C’est la vie’, a reference perhaps to an incident at the start of the tribunal last week.

After her photograph appeared in news coverage, Lee took to social media accounts to bemoan that an unflattering photograph of her had been used.

‘Because I do not look like the doctored picture that was released, here’s a live video with no filter and no make up…I won’t say nothing else on this now till next week but I wasn’t having that.’

Every picture, as the saying goes, tells a story.

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