Two workers for millionaire weed magnate among 4 arrested for ‘kidnapping, shooting him and dumping body in luxury car’ – The Sun

TWO of the four suspects in custody for the kidnapping and murder of a millionaire weed magnate worked for the 50-year-old man, cops say.

Cannabis businessman Tushar Atre was sleeping in his California home early on Oct 1 when he was forced into his vehicle and driven to another property he owned, according to cops.

He was found shot to death in a luxury vehicle hours after he was taken.

Kurtis Charters, Stephen Nicolas Lindsay, Kaleb Charters, and Joshua James Camps – all 23 or younger –  were arrested this week, and their identities were revealed on Thursday.

Kurtis Charters, 22, and 19-year-old Kaleb are brothers.

Lindsay is just 22, and Camps is 23.

“There is compelling evidence against these four people,” Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart said during a press conference.

Kaleb Charters and the 22-year-old Lindsay worked for Atre’s marijuana business Interstitial Systems, according to cops.

They were arrested in Michigan and Southern California on Tuesday for kidnapping, murder and robbery.

“Dozens of people knew and worked for Tushar. Their names came up early,” said Lt. Brian Cleveland of the sheriff's office, according to KRON.

“We were able to gather more and more information on this group.”

Critical evidence against the suspects include surveillance video recorded near the Santa Cruz County home where Atre was abducted.

Investigators say three assailants kidnapped him.

“This was a senseless crime. These people wanted monetary gain,” Cleveland said, according to KRON.

“They were there to take monetary items from Tushar.

"They were armed with a rifle. This was a planned event.”

Cops served hundreds of search warrants and witnesses were urged to come forward with information during the seven-month probe.

“We butted up against a lot of closed doors over the last seven or eight months," Hart told reporters.

"And every time that happened, our investigators found somewhere else to go with this case.

"This case was solved by outstanding police work being supported by a lot of different groups.

"I’m extremely proud of the work our investigation teams did.

"All of that work has culminated into bringing four people who did a very awful thing to justice."

Kaleb Charters is being extradited to California, according to KRON, while the other three are being held without bail in the Santa Cruz County Jail.


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