UK weather – Flood warnings as thunderstorms batter South while the North basks in glorious 20C sunshine

FLOOD warnings are in force for the rain-lashed South today – while the North basks in glorious 20C sunshine.

The Met Office has issued a 10-hour thunderstorm alert for large parts of southern England.

But huge swathes of the North are enjoying balmy weather.

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Thunderstorm warnings are in place everywhere south of Cardiff, with London just missing the caution zone, from 12pm until 10pm today.

It comes after record-breaking temperatures of 29C earlier this month.

A yellow warning – meaning 'be prepared' – has been issued for large swathes of the south for yesterday and today from 12pm until 10pm.

Those living between Cornwall and Portsmouth in the south, and as far north as Swansea in Wales, have been told to expect a drenching in the days to come.

Many places will miss the worst of any deep floods, but scattered torrential thundery downpours may cause havoc across the South.

Spray and sudden flooding means commuters may face sudden floodingand difficult driving conditions, while trains could be delayed.

The Met also warn to make precautions for homes and businesses that could be flooded quickly, with damage to some buildings from floodwater, lightning strikes, hail or strong winds.

There is also small chance of fast-flowing or deep flood water in some areas.

But northerners are set to enjoy a much brighter time – as meteorologists said: "There'll be a north-south split in the weather over the coming days."

Today, northern areas are seeing plenty of warm sunshine and with a bit of low cloud affecting some coasts.

It remains sloudy and cool across central parts with rain, heavy at first, turning lighter and patchier.

And tonight, it'll turn stay dry but cloudy from the midlands upwards but clear periods across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.

The for the south, showers will start to die out, but some heavy showers may persist across southern England through the night.

"High pressure will keep it mostly dry and settled across the north of the UK, but low pressure will bring further rain to central and southern areas."

And sun-worshippers desperate for summer to make a return after an utterly bleak May only need to hold on for a few more days.

It's predicted that temperatures will begin to climb from Tuesday – with a high of 23C expected for England's Euro 2020 round of 16 match against Germany at Wembley.

The mercury will then rise again on Wednesday and Thursday, with much longed-for sunshine making a welcome return.

July will be ushered in with high pressure from western and northern Europe.

Blue skies will be dragged in by a slow-moving jet stream that makes its way across the country.

And according to the BBC's long-range forecast, a heatwave could hit most of the country next month.

The broadcaster said: "Computer models are very enthusiastic on developing a strong high to our east over Germany and into Scandinavia by mid-July.

"This would be a very warm pattern for the UK with a potential for heatwaves.”

Where flooding or lightning strikes occur, there is a chance of delays and some cancellations to train and bus service

There is a slight chance that power cuts could occur and other services to some homes and businesses could be lost

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