UNRWA — which Biden is funding again — is cozying up to Hamas (again)

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What more proof does President Joe Biden need to get him to rethink his decision to resume US funding for the terror-enabling United Nations Relief and Works Agency?

This week, UNRWA Deputy Commissioner Leni Stenseth actually thanked Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar “for his positivity and desire to continue cooperation” with UNRWA, according to a statement from the terror group translated by HonestReporting. She also “affirmed her solidarity” and “offered condolences” on behalf of her agency for what Palestinians lost “in this latest Israeli aggression.”

Israeli aggression? There’s absolutely no question that Hamas and its allied terror groups started the fight by firing rockets into Israel, aiming to slaughter civilians.

“Cooperating” with Hamas, meanwhile, is par for the course for UNRWA, which in the past has turned a blind eye as the terrorists store weapons in its buildings and whose workers have been caught with bomb-making material and even throwing firebombs at Israelis.

Plus, UNRWA educational material for Palestinian kids has featured instructions to hate “the Enemy” — i.e., Israel — and taught that “Jihad is the road of glory.” Its maps have left out the Jewish state entirely, supporting the radicals’ claim that all of Israel’s territory rightfully belongs to the Palestinians.

Oh, the UN group has also been cited for corruption: An internal ethics report a few years back cited allegations of “nepotism, retaliation, discrimination and other abuses of authority, for personal gain, to suppress legitimate dissent and to otherwise achieve” insiders’ personal objectives.

Sending US funds to this group is beyond nuts, but taxpayers had been ponying up as much as $400 million a year for just that purpose — until President Donald Trump put an end to the lunacy in 2018. UNRWA was “irredeemably flawed,” Trump said, in a rare-for-him understatement.

Yet in April, Biden restarted the aid, much of which goes to help Hamas provide social services in Gaza, freeing up cash for more nefarious purposes. Hamas showed its deep appreciation a few weeks later — by firing 4,000 rockets at Israel.

Surely Biden can think of better uses for US taxpayer money: Burning it would be better.

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