Watch the shocking moment a falling oxygen tank fires into a motorbike

Oxygen cylinder falls off a truck and shoots across street knocking motorcyclist off her scooter in China

  • Falling oxygen tank fires into bike, throwing motorcyclist off in Zhejiang, China
  • Two 50kg cylinders hit motorbike as it travels toward junction on Monday
  • Footage shows biker being thrown into the air as tank hits side of her bike 

Dramatic footage shows how a falling oxygen tank fired directly into a passing motorcyclist.

Images from eastern China’s Zhejiang province show two oxygen tanks fall off the back of a truck as it turns a corner on Monday.

As one cylinder hits the ground, its valve breaks, forcing pressurised oxygen out from within.

The pressure fires it into the path of a motorcyclist less than 20metres away. 

The motorbike takes the full force of the 50kg cylinder as it skids along the ground, taking out the biker in the process. 

The driver of the transport truck had stopped after hearing the tanks fall out from the back of his flat bed truck.

The motorcyclist, a woman named Zhang, can be seen just behind a lamppost to the right of the small car. The pressurised air tank, circled, can be seen hurtling towards her path

After seeing the motorcyclist thrown off her bike, the driver emerges from his cabin and runs over to help. 

While she did not suffer life-threatening injuries, the biker did suffer fractures to her right hand hand left leg.

Fortunately the second oxygen tank rolled away without exploding. 

The accident happened in the county of Pujiang, around 900 miles from the Chinese capital, Beijing.

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