Woman, 36, ‘killed 73-year-old mother before decapitating her with knife and scissors and removing her brain’ – The Sun

A WOMAN callously decapitated her 73-year-old mother with a knife and scissors — then removed her brain, kissing it in front of a family friend, a court heard today.

Odessa Tammy Carey, 36, is accused of beating her mother to death at her home in Ashington, Northumberland, before performing the horrific act.

The 36-year-old beat her mother — also called Odessa Carey — to death at her home then used a knife and scissors to cut off her head, cut a cross shape into her abdomen and removed her brain, it has been claimed.

Newcastle Crown Court heard today that she allegedly carried the severed heard around in a carrier bag and brought it out and kissed it in front of a family friend.

The 73-year-old's headless corpse was found on her bed and her brain was in the bathroom at her home in Ashington, Northumberland.

Mrs Carey's head was found at a separate address, in a cupboard under the sink, at a house where Carey Jr was found hiding in the loft.

Carey, of no fixed address, has been charged with murder but is too unwell to face trial for a criminal offence.

The court heard it was the head injuries, which may have been caused with a mallet, that caused the death.

Mr Lumley said Mrs Carey's head was removed using "knives and scissors" after she was dead.

He added: "Her body was then turned over and her abdomen cut open, in the shape of a cross.

"Her head was then taken into the bathroom, where the brain was removed from the skull and the mallet was washed."

Her body was then turned over and her abdomen cut open, in the shape of a cross

The court heard the day before her mother's body was found, Carey had taken the head to a friend's allotment.

Mr Lumley added: "She was sitting in his shed. This time she was wiping up blood from her hands and her arms using one or more baby wipes.

"She had a bag with her and from the bag she carefully took a parcel, of sorts, the contents wrapped in a pillow case in a towel, from which she produced a human head.

"Odessa Carey spoke and kissed her mother's forehead before carefully re-wrapping the head in its shroud, putting it back into the bag."

Mr Lumley said Carey's DNA was found on the handle of the mallet.

He added: "The head was wrapped up in the bathroom before being taken from the house."

The trial continues.

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