Woman busted after ‘trying to pay bond for friend jailed on drug charge with cash that stunk of marijuana’ – The Sun

A 33-YEAR-old woman tried to post an inmate's bail with cash that wreaked of marijuana, cops say.

Stormy Lynn Parfait showed up at the jail on Friday with $5,000 for the bond, but an "overwhelming odor" was noticed on the currency by multiple staff members.

Louisiana detectives would search Parfait's vehicle and find 96 Klonopin pills and $40,000 in cash.

Klonopin is a controlled substance that can lead to paranoid or suicidal ideas if not taken properly.

A food stamp card not belonging to the woman was also found.

More drugs were found at Parfait's home, including more than five ounces of cocaine, three ounces of marijuana and more Klonopin pills.

Also seized at the home were 704 Tizanidine pills, THC pins, a bottle of Promethazine and about $950 in cash.

Four unsupervised children were also found at her home in Terrebonne Parish, according to authorities.

Parfait was hit with multiple charges, including cocaine possession, marijuana possession and Klonopin possession.

She is also accused of taking contraband to or into a correctional institution and unauthorized use of a food stamp card.

Parfait is being held without bond at the Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Compound.

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