Woman gets 100 years in prison for delivering children to convicted rapist

A woman was sentenced to a century in prison after she confessed to delivering children to a convicted rapist.

Kimberly Feigert, 32, received the 100-year sentence and was branded a tier-one sex offender last week in Helena, Montana. The judge restricted Feigert from being eligible for parole for at least 25 years. She will be required to complete the first two phases of Montana’s three-phase sex offender treatment before being considered for release.

Feigert was arrested in January 2017 after police learned she brought a young girl to a building where convicted rapist Andrew Page was undergoing sex offender treatment. Authorities began investigating after they found pictures on Page’s phone which showed the child in his bathroom, which is where he reportedly raped the victim.

Prosecutors said Feigert knew Page planned to rape the girl, according to the Helena Independent Record.

According to court documents, Paige and Feigert discussed the sex crime during a recorded phone call page made from jail. During the call, Feigert told Page that the girl ‘would not tell.’

Feigert was later charged with taking and distributing sexual photographs of a child under the age of 10.

Parole Officer Lloyd Dopp testified at the sentencing hearing and said he believes Feigert has not taken full responsibility for her actions because she claimed not to remember talking to Page about the sex abuse plot despite the overwhelming amount of recorded correspondence.

Dopp added that Feigert insists that she was being controlled through the use of drugs.

However, Feigert appeared to show some remorse for her actions during the hearing as she sobbed and read a prepared statement.

‘I’m sorry I lost my way. I ask for the chance to turn my words into actions,’ she said.

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